A downloadable game

A physics-based 
spider battle simulator. Multiple spiders enter only one spider leaves.

Fight through a rapid progression of levels using lasers, web swinging, and spider parkour.


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PS. Thank you for visiting the page, it's such a crazy cool feeling to know that some people are interested in my little insanity project :)

StatusIn development
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
GenreFighting, Action, Platformer
Tags2D, Arcade, Local multiplayer, Multiplayer, one-hit-kill, party-game, Physics, PvP
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer

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I would like to try the demo and purchase this on itch. Why else would I be here

just make a a free demo 


I had downloaded it on steam when it was free, which was until october the 1st, and now i have to buy it AGAIN! Idk if this is supposed to happen but it feels off, becAUSE WHY WOULD SOMEONE MAKE SOMETHING FREE FOR A CERTAIN TIME YET MAKE PEOPL,E PAY AFTER THAT TIME WAS UP AND NOT CALL IT A DEMO. sorry, had caps lock on accidentally and am too lazy to go back and fix it.

The concept sounds interesting and original. :-) Is this game online-only on Xbox One, or can I play it without an internet connection? Thanks in advance for your reply! :-)

Also, how is the case with the online connection requirement on other platforms?

wont allow me to instal it on mac, can you fix it please

how do i install earlier versions of spiderheck

how to get secret update?

You could test new variations of melee weapons, with the ones that exist in reality, for example: long sword with the crossed guard (practically Kylo Ren's sword since it's practically lightsabers), curved sword, axes that could have more impact on blows, and I think it's impossible but something similar to Zero saber (MMX4 and 5) that looks like a whip.

Will you be able to mod this?

already doing this myself

join the spiderheck discord if you're interested

I really like this game and cant wait for the full version btw how are you doing? I'm doing fine (:

are you going to delete gamejolt one and this one or gamejolt only

Both, but there will be a Steam demo soon after

Great game! Though a few things I think should be changed:

1. The "Bee-Drill's" sword shouldn't be able to penetrate the ground. (Make it like the laser sword.)

2. Explosions shouldn't work through walls. (A raycast loop could fix this.)

3. You need a time grenade. (I mean that's just cool, just slow velocity when on inside the grenade field.)

Other than that good job!


Yo this game rules. It's already become the primary mainstay in my house for couch co-op wackiness. Incredible work.


How can I use my controller on playing this game. My controller doesnt seem to respond when Im at game.

go to steam and add it as a non steam game or something

The creator gave me that advice bro

Deleted 1 year ago

Still not working, I already added it on steam. How about yours? 

(1 edit)

mine is working did u try going to the steam controller configuration in settings i believe it will show a active controller

they showed my controller as a ps3 controller

I believe u should enable the correct controller configuration

Great game, really fun concept and gameplay.

Only suggestion: please add an option to disable enemy camera tracking. I played the game back in version 0.62 and the camera was way nicer, I personally find it really disorienting to have the camera constantly moving around the level.

Other than that, brilliant game, can't wait for the next update.


i cant download for some reason pls help

I cant play this game with a pc controller tho

You can try adding it to steam as a nonsteam game or using x360ce. One of those should help

i forgot to say thanks tho

I beat Wolf in the game so im legend

Wait but i lasted until wave 22 in the PvE alone tho so whos the best then


is it vr

Of course


n o

My friend and I love this game, great fun for small breaks. Any plans on adding the lightsaber only mode back? That was our favourite!

i can't install the game on itch, it keeps saying:

 Cannot read property 'build' of undefined

(1 edit) (+2)

i think i can give u a medeafire link instead

edit: or just join their discord lol

maybe a level where i gonna vs other spider but the enemy spider is moved by cpu

could you make a team battle and online multiplayer plz

its still early acess, i dont think online will come before its closed beta or full release

if you use  parasec you can

I downloaded it and it said running this app may put your computer at risk 

pretty much any good game does that, i can asure u this one works flawlessly

Do you have mcaffee? If so, thats why. mcaffee sucks

No I have Norton360

is it downloadable for Mac?

most betas are still for windows, so unfortunately no

While I'll probably figure this out before anyone here replies who knows. So I'm not actually able to install the game, I can't select what version of It I'm installing for some reason.

maybe join their Discord and download it there


Are you going to add the rest of the weapons back in the next update?  Other than that, love the game so far.



Are you still working on the game ?


ok cool 

really fun game

He's got a discord where he posts regular updates about the game's development. 


It is amazing how the physics work perfectly and withouth bugs or weird movements or anything like that. I'm just hoping that you guys launch the gme in Steam asap so I can pay for the game and support you. Don't stop qith this project, please

This looks so cool! Will you be doing Linux builds?

Not sure yet, will need to wait for closer to release and see how much work it is.

Okay fair enough, reach out to us at GOL if you decide to > https://www.gamingonlinux.com/

Will do!


me and my brother love this game, but it keeps crashing while we're playing.

sorry if its too much to ask for but adding two more player slots can be amazing. I hope music is coming soon to the game because it feels a bit dull. Online multiplayer might take time but now all my friends know the game and we would like to play from home because of covid. A map with moving platforms would also be amazing. Im loving the effort you put in to make this game. Cant wait to learn to use the force like Sansophobic did. Keep up the good work Neverjam!!

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oh, and custom game settings too! like swords dont finish/end, infinite point limit etc. thanks!

Deleted 1 year ago

There something you can fix, wasps lightsabers can go through walls, letting them kill you but you can't kill them, I was on the roof, and they kill me though the roof.

it wont install on itch for me

Sorry, missed a tick box, should work now!

It very really nice! The graphics are spot on! The physics are sick! And the controls are easy to use! And I would like to mention that having an Online mode would spark up the game a lot more too! But overall, Phenomenal! Keep it up!

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Nice that GT live played your game. It looks fun. Will test it. 

for some reason i can only download it on gamejolt


you should add a singleplayer, not the test lab but like a campaign sort of thing


Working on something like that!


I'm excited to see what you'll come up with, I also hope you could add online multiplayer, other than those two things really spiderheck is a great game

Can I have the source? (Only for the movements)

It's for a PS Vita game......

Is this made in Unity.....

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