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A physics-based spider battle simulator. Multiple spiders enter only one spider leaves.

Fight through a rapid progression of levels using various deadly weapons and environmental hazards to exterminate your friends and loved ones.

  • 2 - 4 local multiplayer fast-paced physics-based combat
  • Large arsenal of weapons - laser swords, rocket fists, plasma cannons, etc.
  • Unique movement - crawl on walls and web swing around
  • Physics-based animation - the spiders are made using active ragdolls so they can flail around appropriately to the carnage
  • A new very early draft of a singleplayer/coop mode!

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PS. Thank you for visiting the page, it's such a crazy cool feeling to know that some people are interested in my little insanity project :)

Install instructions

Let me know how it goes or if there are any issues/things you would like improved.

Your feedback helps me make this a better game!


SpiderHeck_0.60.1.zip 50 MB

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It very really nice! The graphics are spot on! The physics are sick! And the controls are easy to use! And I would like to mention that having an Online mode would spark up the game a lot more too! But overall, Phenomenal! Keep it up!

Nice that GT live played your game. It looks fun. Will test it. 

for some reason i can only download it on gamejolt

you should add a singleplayer, not the test lab but like a campaign sort of thing

Working on something like that!

I'm excited to see what you'll come up with, I also hope you could add online multiplayer, other than those two things really spiderheck is a great game

Can I have the source? (Only for the movements)

It's for a PS Vita game......

Is this made in Unity.....

i cant download it

It work´s for mac?


Not currently, maybe in the future!

This is my new favorite game. The funny physics, the traversal, and the visuals all help to further my opinion that this game is amazing. My one issue is that it took me around 3 hours to figure out that you could use the force on the lightsaber.  Seriously though, thank you for making this game.


Thank you! The recall ability for the swords not being obvious is kind of intentional. I love the moment when people accidentally discover it. Keep an eye out for more updates in the future!

Ah, ok. Do you have any plans to release spider heck on steam in the future? Cause of remote play, there wouldn't be a need to set up online servers.


That's the plan!